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A Few Disclaimers About Our Client Testimonials
1) All of our client testimonials are real - they are never compensated in any way to write a review for us. Additionally, we hide their real names and company for privacy reasons, because let's face it, there's already too little of it in this world. 

Finally, we always advise that you take testimonials with a grain of salt. It's always best to speak with us first to see if you're a fit for our services. 
2) While we perform various types of marketing services to our clients, it's worth noting that they are all extraordinary business owners who worked hard to build products / services that convert well. 

They are the experts of their industry and we are only able to bring tremendous marketing results to them because of the foundations they've already built.
3) We only take on a limited number of client spots per month in order to achieve the best results for our clients. Please do not be offended if we do not think you're the right fit for our company. 

If you have an open-mind to receive our expert marketing advice, and take full ownership of your own actions, then we strongly invite you to book a call with us.
Alan has a unique ability of taking complex (and intimidating to someone new) concepts of marketing and breaking them down so they’re simple and easy to work with. 

He developed a full-on comprehensive paid ads and re-marketing campaign (i.e. – Facebook, Google Adwords) to drive new customers to my site and ultimately to my school, which resulted in growing my business from 0 to 50+ paying students.

If you’re a new business owner with zero experience or an existing business owner struggling with getting clients, Alan provides the expert knowledge, enthusiasm, and above all commitment to his clients success. 
-Tony Y.
Niche: Fitness Studio
Alan was highly referred to me from Vistage group members for his uncanny ability to dissect exactly why a business may not be living up to its full potential. 

We were interested in his marketing consulting services, and when we first talked, he gave us so many golden nuggets that we were blown away. He even told us to try out his tips first for a month before hiring him - that’s when we knew he truly cares to help business owners. 

In our first month, we made more sales than we’ve ever had in the past. We hired Alan after the month, and his work resulted in matching our whole month’s revenue in the 3 days that followed!

Now we’re on track for a half million dollar run-rate in sales - thanks dude!
-Jeff S.
Niche: Cat Furniture
Ben S.
Niche: Residential & Business Moving Services

Hi Alan, I really appreciate your expertise on my advertising campaign over the past 2 years. As a business owner, it's so valuable having someone you can truly trust. Your attentiveness and strategy on my campaigns have been so impressive, and very effective. You truly are a valuable asset for the growth of my company.
I look forward to many more years working with you!
Ken B.
Niche: Web Design & Mobile App Development

Alan Kong is a true and innovative thought leader and industry expert when it comes to search engine optimization and marketing. Our company’s search engine rankings have been improved due to Alan’s recommendations and improvement strategies for both our onsite and offsite optimization. Furthermore, Alan educated our staff on best practices so moving forward we can continue to improve our’s and our clients’ online presence.
Alan is a modern day Renaissance man when it comes to business. He knows all the ins and outs needed to create a new platform and execute your vision. 

If for some reason he isn't sure about something, he is humble enough to admit it, but will come back with a solution that works. I'm really thankful for Alan, his knowledge, expertise, and work ethic, but above all his belief. 

He believed in me, and was willing to go the extra mile because of it. You won't regret working with him.
-Pastor Sam W.
Niche: Ministry
Alan Kong is my secret weapon to outperforming my competitors, bringing in insanely high-quality leads, and letting me scale up my business, while somehow working less.

With him by my side, I was able to quickly grow my business to six-figures within the first year, and here’s my favorite part: I sold the business for an excellent multiple a couple of years later. 

Trust in his expert advice and process, and I promise your business will become a sales monster.
-Jeff T.
Niche: B2B Sales
David N.
Niche: Online Business Brokers

Alan is a truly excellent business builder. FE International have worked for him on the sale of two of his businesses now and what has characterised both sales is excellent business fundamentals. Alan has a talent for conceiving of a business, rapidly developing and scaling it through a multitude of marketing strategies and bringing in quality and sustainable leads. When selling his business, buyers universally praised Alan’s site for its quality, both from an operational and marketing perspective.
As an individual, Alan is extremely knowledgeable in internet marketing, robust in his approach to business and a pleasure to partner with.
Carlos P.
Niche: Corporate Photo Booths

Whenever I have a new business idea, there's only one man I call, and that's Alan Kong. He has this amazing ability to figure out the best marketing plan to launch and/or scale any product or service.

I've never met a marketer that is an all-in-one package. Alan can run traffic to generate leads, write incredible story-telling copywriting to convert them, and generate marketing plans to rapidly grow a company's revenue. This guy is a serious asset to anyone's marketing arsenal. 

I've worked with Alan for several years now, and his marketing chops continue to impress me. If you're looking for massive results in your business, there's only one clear choice: Alan Kong!
Alan is gregarious, approachable, and brings creative, refreshing new ideas to the table. 

He is exceptionally skilled with paid advertising campaigns, such as increasing profit margins, optimizing for KPIs, and truly understanding the customer demographic's pain points (which leads to higher sales conversions). 

We are fortunate to have Alan on our team as a multi-facted talent and highly recommend him to any entrepreneur that is serious about growing his or her business.
-Kathleen T.
Niche: Women's Clothing
Alan and I met to discuss my business plans when I first began in February 2017. He listened, understood my business model and audited my day. 

Alan provided insightful advice, focus points, and constant support. He understands what generates positive revenue and what are time wasting processes. He helped align my business to focus on income generating opportunities. 

He's knowledgable, genuine, humble, highly successful, and empathetic. He's grown to be a mentor, business advisor, and good friend.
-Gerard V.
Niche: Accounting & Bookkeeping
Vladimir S.
Niche: Corporate Lodging

Alan helped us in a very professional manner. Communication with him and his team was excellent! They provided amazing service, were efficient, and we needed nothing more. Thanks Alan!
Chris K.
Niche: Law Firm

Alan always does a great, top notch job. He brought our company websites tremendous results, which allowed us to concentrate on delivering results to our clients. Excellent communication and Alan always thinks of his clients first.
Issac S.
Niche: High-End Jewelry

We contacted Alan after another marketing company we hired failed to delivered real results. With the expert help and care of Alan, we’re finally getting incredible results. Thanks Alan!!!
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